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The Color Selector controls a color. Bring the Color Selector forward by selecting a color well, for example from the Graphics inspector editor. The color well is shown as a solid-fill rectangle or in the case of a transparent color a rectangular region with a black and white background to contrast the transparent aspect of the color. The following figure shows a typical color well with red color on the left and blue half-transparent color on the right.

The figures below shows the Color Selector three panes. Choose one of the panes by using the pop up button in the upper right of the selector.

Spectrum Controls

To change the color select a color on the Spectrum color map or adjust the individual components using the red, green, blue and alpha sliders, steppers or text fields. Those controls accept color values in units of percent from 0 to 100.0 each. Alternatively, choose one of the common colors provided for in the pop-up-button.

Simple Name : Shows and sets the color to one of the simple color values.

Color Map : Shows the color spectrum. Select a location on it to set the color.

RGB Controls : Modify the setting of the slider, stepper or text field to alter the Red, Green, Blue or Alpha of the color.

Named Color : Shows the name of the color as defined by the color palette. When the color palette is being edited then this name is editable, otherwise it simply shows the name if any.

Color Well : A simple graphical representation of the color on a black and white triangular background. The background is black and white so that the alpha effect of the color can be shown when alpha is less than 100 percent.

Palette Controls

Select a color well to choose and set the color. The default palette is 144 named colors called "Intensity Ordered Official" and are ordered according to intensity of the color. Other palettes are described below in the Archive section.

Search : Type in a search fragment to limit the color wells shown. For example, type "red" (without quotes) to see all the red-named color wells such as "Pale Violet Red". The search characters are associated with the color name and not the hue.

Name Pop Up : Choose the Name Pop Up (lower left) to select a color by name. If the search field is used then the list of names is limited by the search parameter. Clear the search field to see all the names in the resulting pop up.

Edit : When selected then each color well in the palette is editable instead of selected.

Archive Controls

Making a palette can be time consuming. Once made, the values are permanent. Those values can be exported and imported to different computers as needed.

Export... : Select to export the palette to a file.

Import... : Select to import the palette from a file.

Reset : Select to reset the palette to one of Intensity Ordered Official, Name Ordered Official, Simple, or Black. The Black reset is useful to first clear all colors in the palette and then manually assign them to custom values.

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