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Format Selectors are used to reformat the display of text. It is important to note that the original text to be formatted is preserved by the formatter and that the formatter is used simply to display the original text. Because there are two different textual representations there is then a "domain" and "range" text where the formatter is the mapping function, the domain is the original text and the range is the displayed output of the formatter.

These formatters are used by the Spreadsheet.

Number Format Selector

The number format selector determines text formatting for decimal representation of a number.

Type : One of Accuracy, Fixed or Scientific.

Precision : The number of digits after the decimal point.

Scale, Offset : The linear mapping of the output (r = d *scale + offset). Often, the scale represents a unit transformation such as Euro to USD.

Prefix : Prefix to the domain.

Suffix : Suffix to the domain.

Currency : A pull down to select common currency character to be inserted into the Prefix.

Date Format Selector

The date format selector determines Gregorian date formatting for a Gregorian date. It is important to note that this formatter reformats its own type. For example, the Date Axis formats julian day fractions to Gregorian date while this formatter maps a Gregorian date to another Gregorian date representation.

Format : The Gregorian date format for the range string.

Usual Formats : A pull down that populates the other fields with common formatting parameters.

Prefix : Prefix to the domain.

Suffix : Suffix to the domain.

Append Second Fraction : If selected then the fractional second is appended to the range string.

Insert Quarter : Inserts the quarter digit right after the prefix.

Text Format Selector

The text format selector determines textual formatting for text. Note that the domain and range strings are of the same type.

Prefix : Prefix to the domain.

Suffix : Suffix to the domain.

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