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A Label Mapping changes the text shown in the labels of the axes of a graph, but does not change the coordinate system of the graph and does not change the data. The figure below shows a graph with labels mapped to text on the x-axis and to have a dollar sign as a prefix of the value on the y-axis.

The label mapping also accepts date formatting, scaling and offset values.

Inspector Editor

The Inspector Editor for the Label Mapping is shown below.


Focused Axis : Sets the axis to be updated by all the other controls.

Type : Defines the label mapping type. It is one of None, Normal Number Mapping, Fixes Only, Data or Custom.

Scale : Defines the numeric scale of the mapping. See Offset for additional information.

Offset : Defines the numeric offset of the mapping. When the mapping type is Normal Number Mapping then the numeric values of the axis are mapped according to: x' = scale • x + offset. That type of linear mapping is useful for a variety of graphs. For example, if data is specified in dollars but you want to show the axis in units of cents then offset is zero and scale is 100. Setting the prefix string to the dollar symbol completes the example.

Prefix : Defines a prefix string. The prefix appears before the mapped axis label except when custom labels are used.

Suffix : Defines a suffix string. The suffix appears after the mapped axis label except when custom labels are used.

Format : Defines a format string for the mapping.

Strings : A Table that sets the label values according to arbitrary strings, one label per line. When custom labels are used then all other label mapping attributes are ignored.

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