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Stereo Graph permits you to economically see stereoscopic pop-out 3D surface, scatter and trajectory graphs using your computer. Use the stereoscopic viewer provided with this application to view the stereoscopic graph pairs. You can also print the result to view the 3D graphs on a piece of paper.


Use arrow keys to rotate the graph. The control key can be used to rotate at greater increments. Use the menu item Tools > Enter Data to modify the graph. Export the graph to Graph IDE in order to layout and print the graphs for stereoscopic viewing without a computer. Change the Graph IDE document view layout to landscape orientation before printing.

How To Work The Stereoscopic Viewers

Place the viewer in front of your eyes and gradually adjust your head towards, or away from, the screen until the graphs converge and focus. Then tilt the viewer clockwise or counterclockwise until lines and other graphics overlap. Using the viewer in this way is somewhat of an art form because you need to hold the viewer steady in one place and orientation.

Viewer Type

It may be that the optics of your eyes are very different from the norm, in which case you may need to hold the viewer at an unaccounted for location. To recalibrate the viewer parameters choose Tools > Calibration Settings and adjust the sliders to obtain image convergence.

Digital Stereoscopics

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