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Web Signal retrieves the source content from a URL you give it, then parses it and displays the selected numeric values as a time varying signal.

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

How To Use

Click the Tools > Configuration menu item to bring forward the state inspector and then modify the controls according to the following description:

Enter the Source URL you want and choose the channel number from the "Get New Source Sample" pull down button. That will retrieve the URL contents from the web and display it in the source text area.

Your next job is to take the source text and set the channel and pattern attributes to scan and acquire one or two numeric values. Each attribute will enable a data cursor (the position within the source text) to be advanced and get closer to the desired numeric value. Those attributes are defined as follows (one for each pattern and channel):

Note: The parameters above are to enable parsing of a fairly general web page. If you write a script to output two numbers then, of course, the source text will be very simple and the more complex parsing processing is completely unneeded.

Type in the titles for the graph.

Name the state, and then click the Apply button to start the data acquisition. If you previously named and applied a state and want to retrieve it then type the name in the state name field and click the Get button. The states are stored in your home folder in the ~/Library/Vvidget/Configuration/Web Signal folder.

Did you have trouble with Web Signal?

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About Web Signal

Web Signal is based on the Vvidget Signal Framework which is designed to show data from virtually any source. It has been used to display information ranging from stock feeds to real-time laboratory instrumentation and is adaptable to many data sources. For additional information contact

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