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Download And 60% Savings

Convert your existing license of any legacy graphing application (DeltaGraph, CricketGraph, GNUPlot or other legacy graphing application) to Graph IDE for $99.00 - a savings of $150.001. Use this pay button for convenient and secure credit card processing:

This is the best way to migrate to the modern and well-supported Graph IDE application. Contact sales@vvi.com if you have questions.

Graph IDE is a standalone application that takes advantage of your local operating system, but you don't need to install Graph IDE to use it. Use the convenient login above to use the Web Edition of Graph IDE right away. See Cloud for login details. To get Graph IDE on other platforms and to purchase from the App Stores see: Graph IDE.

Stable Release

The stable release of Graph IDE is version 12.16.1 which is 10-20 times faster than previous releases, and with a whole lot of new features! Graph IDE can be downloaded for the Mac the following ways:

  • For the standalone edition please purchase here: Buy Standalone and then download this zip file: GraphIDE12.16.1.app.zip, unzip, launch the app and then follow the instructions to register your copy of Graph IDE. Graph IDE is universal binary (Apple Silicon and Intel) runs macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and above and is signed and notorized.

  • For the cloud edition please purchase a cloud account: Buy Cloud Account and then download this install package: GraphIDECE12.16.1.app.zip, unzip, launch the app and then login to your cloud account to use. Cloud login is required. Once logged in, the cloud edition operates the same as the standalone edition and uses your native Mac features.
For Graph IDE on other platforms and to purchase from the App Stores see: Graph IDE. For custom enterprise deployment on a variety of platforms email sales@vvi.com for information.

DevOps Release

The stable release is the most advanced stable release available. The next releases (called DevOps because of the way it is developed) is available by invitation. To participate in the DevOps release of Graph IDE email support@vvi.com.

Other Downloads

  • The free Graph application can be downloaded using this link: Graph12.16.1.app.zip. Download, Unzip and then use.

  • For the most recent release of DAQ Plot (version 12.16.1) email sales@vvi.com. DAQ Plot can be purchased at this URL: Buy DAQ Plot. DAQ Plot is the incredible stripchart application for the Mac. See DAQ Plot for details.

VVI is a very experienced data analysis and visualization company that has helped many major corporations with their data analysis projects. Should you need such resources for your company then email info@vvi.com to get started.

1 Limited to one license conversion per customer.

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