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Next Generation Web Apps
May 14, 2019

VVI® today announced next generation web app technology.

This technology is applicable to any website development for ecommerce or any consumer or business requirement like FinTech, CRM or the like. Goals include:

  • Your website will simply be better than your competitors.

  • Use anywhere with a web browser.

  • Total W3C standards and validated.

  • Works with existing web and security infrastructure.

  • Does not use javascript libraries, plugins, popups or cookies.

  • Uniform development of Web, Mobile, Desktop and Embedded applications.

This system is already robust, fast and carefully considered as demonstrated in the movie shown below.

For additional information contact VVI.


About VVI: VVI® is a privately held corporation founded in 1989. VVI's customers are world-leading companies in the banking, biotechnology, chemical, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Systems that VVI helped build have been operational for years and have monitored billions of dollars worth of products in real time and on a global scale.

For additional information please email info@vvi.com.

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