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Defines a meta device. To turn this preference style 2 on see Preferences Style. The following diagrams the Meta device preferences pane.


A Meta device is a collection of units (aka hardware). Those units are viewed and controlled by using the current sub-unit pop up button in the lower left. In design, a meta device can operate on any number and types and mixes of sub-units, but in this implementation it is constrained to a 4-unit meta device.

Alter any of the sub-device fields on the meta-device preference pane according to the sub-device specifications. See Hardware Preferences for a list of sub-device types.

When you click the Apply button all state information for all sub-devices is transferred to the device hardware so that the sub-devices are synchronized.

When you select the sub-device name or serial number make sure it is unique for each sub-device. If it is not unique then a hardware device will be set and sampled multiple times, which may be the desired effect, but probably not. Make sure to only make active those sub-devices that are desired using the Is Active switch. If a non-existent device is active then the results are unspecified.

The meta device partitions sub-device state information, but the Analog Input channels are sequenced according to the sub-device number. So, if each sub-device has 4 analog input channels then the meta device has 16 channels. The sequence is regardless of whether the sub-device is active or not so that if you make a sub-device active or inactive it will not affect the Analog Input channel index.

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