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DAQ PlotSupport ► Buffer

The Main Preference Pane permits you to change the internal buffer length of data recording. This section describes what that is and how and why to do that.

By default, DAQ Plot will store the last 864,000 values per channel. At any point in time all data is retained until you reach 864,000 values per channel and then the last 864,000 are retained. For example, if you have sampled 1,000,000 values per channel then DAQ Plot will retain the last 864,000 values and the first 136,000 values are lost forever. You can adjust this parameter according to the following criterion:

WARNING!: If you change the buffer length and read in a backup file then if the new buffer length is less than the backup data length then data will be lost. Additionally, if you store an archive of the data with a signal file then the different buffer lengths may cause some obtuse anomalies. If you retain state information from run to run then it is best to keep the buffer length fixed.

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