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Main preferences are used to define the device type and parameters common to the entire program. To view the Main preferences use the Pro Style (See: Preferences Style). The following diagrams the Main preferences pane.

Field settings are defined as:

Selected Device To Use During Acquisition

Defines the device type to use during acquisition. Keep set at Hardware if you are collecting data from a data acquisition device, or set to Test if you are using the Test device, see Simulation tutorial.

If you intend to use DAQ Plot as a stripchart application only then set the device type to None. That way when DAQ Plot is launched it will not attempt to connect to a device and acquire data from it. Instead, use the Export facilities to both import data and export data.


Select one of the backup options to engage the real-time backup. The backup is only used between sessions and is implemented for crash purposes in mind, however it can also be used to stop a run and come back to it later.

What To Do When Quitting

Select one of the options to change how DAQ Plot quits.

Buffer length

This is an expert setting and you need to take care while setting this attribute. For additional information see Buffer Support Note.

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