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Graph IDEApplication ► Start/Login

The Start inspector first shows when you begin to use Graph IDE. It consists principally of the Login editor. The login editor can also be accessed by selecting the Login button in the Status Bar.

Login Editor

The Login Editor is shown below. Login is optional for Graph IDE, but is required for the "Cloud Enabled" version of Graph IDE.

Cloud Login

User Name : Enter the user name provided to you when you signed up to the VVI Cloud service.

User Password : Enter the user password provided to you when you signed up to the VVI Cloud service.

Login : Once the user name and password are entered then select the Login button to login. Once logged in then proceed to Registration in order to register your use of the Cloud Service including changing the initial password.

Remember Login : Select to remember the login for the next time Graph IDE is used. This is not available for the web edition of Graph IDE for security purposes and instead the login parameters are determined by the browser password management facilities.

Note: To forget the login first clear the user name and password fields and then uncheck the Remember Login button. The next time Graph IDE is launched it will not attempt login.

Cloud Documents : Select to proceed to the table of available cloud documents and controls for cloud documents. See Account. A shortcut to cloud documents is also provided on the Status Bar shortcut drop down.

Cloud Account Options

Host Name : The cloud host which is fixed to unless a Custom Cloud Host Name entry is provided in the Preferences in which case that host can be selected and used as well.

IP Protocol : Either IPv6 or IPv4. The preferred protocol is IPv6 however if that is not available then IPv4 will be automatically selected. If either is available then the protocol type can be changed according to your preference.

Email Support : Select this button to launch the email application preconfigured with the email address.

Launch Web Browser With Graph IDE Login

Web Login Button : Select this button to login to Graph IDE via your web browser at With a web login you can access and modify your cloud-stored documents but there is no ability to use local processing or the file system on your device.

Standalone Edition

Buy Non-Cloud Edition : Select this button to be directed to the purchase instructions for the non-cloud version of Graph IDE.


Test : Select this button to test the Internet connection to the VVI Cloud service. If the test fails then the most likely cause is that your Internet connection is down. The test checks your internet connection and also tests for a valid response from the VVI Cloud server.

IP Address : The grey text shows the DNS resolved IP Address of the current cloud server. If this is not resolvable then an appropriate error message is given instead.

Legal Agreements

The cloud service is provided in accordance with the agreement at Legal. That Agreement is also within this manual at Cloud Agreement and is subject to change.

About Editor

The About Editor is shown below.

About Graph IDE

Version ; Edition : Shows the version number and edition type.

Cloud Requirements : Shows the cloud usage requirement. The standalone version of Graph IDE can be used without the cloud unless you wish to take advantage of cloud features; while the Cloud Enabled edition requires cloud login.

Update Information

Current Version : Indicates the version of your copy of Graph IDE as compared to the current version of Graph IDE. This is unavailable for the App Store Edition.

Download Update : Select to update from the App Store for the App Store Edition, or from for the Manufacturer Edition.

Licensee Details

Email Registration Request : Select to launch the default mail application with a pre-formatted email message to Once all the required information is filled out in that email then send the message. A reply will include a serial number.

Computer Identification : The identification used to generate the serial number.

Licensee Serial Number : The serial number for the application. Once received from a registration request then enter the serial number and select the Save Serial Number button.

Restriction Label : Shows the current restrictions based upon the serial number. For the Cloud Enabled edition the serial number does not need to be entered as the application is authorized by cloud account instead.

Save Serial Number : Select to save the serial number. When a valid serial number is saved then the application will operate in normal mode (non-demo). Once a valid serial number is entered then this save button becomes the Deactivate License button so that the computer can become deauthorized. Once deathorized then delete the application to uninstall.

About Vvidget

Gives the underlying Vvidget Frameworks version and build date.

What Is A Vvidget?

Explains the use of the Vvidget name.

Contact VVI

Email VVI : Select to email

License and Welcome Editor

The License Editor shows the End User License Agreement (EULA). The Welcome Editor is shown when Graph IDE is first launched upon installing a newer version of Graph IDE.

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