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Graph IDENetwork Clients ► Command Line Tool†

The following lists some resources available for the command line tool. You may wish to skip the following table on first pass.

LinkDescription Of Resource
vvizard.zipThe compressed vvizard unix tool located on your disk within this manual.†
vvizard.zipThe compressed vvizard unix tool located at the web site.†
Vvidget™ Code Reference ManualThe Vvidget™ Code Reference Manual describes the state information used as input to the server. It also describes the vvizard tool.†

The following are brief examples of the use of the server built into Graph IDE. Download (using the links shown above), uncompress the download by double clicking it and then drag the result to a permanent location to install it. For example sake the following assumes you installed vvizard to the ~/Downloads folder. Launch the Terminal application and type the following input.

Prints a menu of commands to the terminal window (stdout)
cd ~/Downloads

Makes a line graph with two curves, displays it and then exports it to Graph IDE†
cd ~/Downloads
verbose on
server localhost
add chart_type line
add chart_subtype linear
add chart_format_type default
add title Vvizard Help Example Graph
add x_title My X Title
add y_title My Y Title
add data_1 1 2 2 4 3 6 4 2
add data_2 1 3 2 1.4 3 8.7 4 1.1

Because vvizard accepts input from stdin it can be used in shell scripts and other scripting programming environments to make graphs. vvizard is a single unix binary that does not link against non-system frameworks which means you don't need any additional software (not even Graph IDE) to use it, as long as you have access to a graphing server.

Advisory: vvizard is a unix process which acts as a thin client to the server. It is not sandboxed. It injects byte streams into Graph IDE for processing. That means that the Mac App Store edition of Graph IDE can aide in the display of graphs but can not save or open the byte stream translations and for that functionality you need the non-sandboxed Manufacturer edition of Graph IDE.

† Sold and licensed separately. This section describes the use of the Server built into Graph IDE. The Command Line Tool is not part of Graph IDE.

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