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Note: The server can start on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows host. However, configuring it to vend in the larger network scheme is not covered in this manual. The following gives some information relevant to the Mac version.

Graph IDE incorporates a server to vend results to client applications such as command line tools and network peers. The server is multithreaded, asynchronous, realtime, programmable and template based. That means you can, among other things, program a Graph IDE document (see the Programming section) and vend the results to anywhere in the world ... if you know how. This section is concerned with adjusting the server settings.

To adjust the server settings see the Preferences section. The server preferences has two options as described here:

To learn about the other side of the equation (clients) see the Network Clients section.

Depending upon the security settings of your computer and the operating system version you might receive the following firewall dialog when turning the server to which you can either Deny or Allow.

A line such as the following is logged to the Console in appfirewall.log as well.

Sep 24 11:33:35 mac.local socketfilterfw[116] <Info>: Graph IDE is listening from proto=6

That is because Graph IDE will listen to TCP/IP port 9877 and other computers may communicate with it. There are various ways to account for this fact, such as firewall settings in a router, that are beyond the scope of this manual.

If you intend to vend Graph IDE documents via the server and Graph IDE is sandboxed (as in the Mac App Store Edition) then you must first authorize a folder for server access. You do that by selecting the Graph IDEToolsAuthorize FolderServer Documents... menu item and selecting a folder from the Open panel. Once the access is authorized then the server can access the documents placed in the folder that you opened.

The server can also be launched from the command line (and hence a startup script with the following command:

/Applications/Graph\\ IDE

The server is also available as a headless unix process that can distribute requests to a cluster. For more information on that configuration email

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