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The following is a complete script for programming a Label graphic. It places a UTF8 string into the label. Not that assigning the string will not size to fit the label and will not change the label's bounding box.

Note that you can assign only string constants to the label. To construct strings using more general methods use a Plugin.

/* Declarations */

@@class() Label:Object

@@method(public, class) (id)alloc;
@@method(public, instance) (id)init;
@@method(public, instance) (unsigned)animationCount;
@@method(public, instance) (void)setUFT8String:(const char *)aString;
@@method(public, instance) (void)release;


/* Execution block */

id myLabel;
unsigned animationCount;

myLabel = [[Label alloc] init];

animationCount = [myLabel animationCount];

[myLabel setUFT8String:"This is a new string"];

[myLabel release];


The general API is define in the section Graphic. The following is API description specific to the Label graphic.

@@method(public, instance) (void)setUFT8String:(const char *)aString;
  Call like this:

[myLabel setUFT8String:"This is a new string"];

Assigns the string (aString) to the label without size to fit and without changing the label's bounding box.

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