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Graph IDE ► Programming

Graph IDE can be programmed using scripts and plugins. The script Language is similar to ANSI-C and Objective-C and making a Plugin utilizes Xcode and hence is a general-purpose facility that opens up a wide range of capabilities. Once scripts are inserted into the Program inspector editor then those scripts can be called periodically (animated) using the Animation inspector editor. In that way, a Graph IDE document can become dynamic and reach out to all resources available from your computer.

The following is a brief list of Programming sections:

AdapterDescribes how to program the adapter which is a hook to native view usage.
AdvisoryDescribes some programming issues. Some of the issues are usual and some are particular.
CircleDescribes how to program the Circle graphic.
Cubic BezierDescribes how to program the Cubic Bezier graphic.
FunctionDescribes how to program the Function graphic.
GraphicDescribes how to program Graphics.
GraphicViewDescribes how to program a GraphicView.
ImageDescribes how to program the Image graphic.
LabelDescribes how to program the Label graphic.
LanguageGives a basic overview of the programming language.
LayerDescribes how to program the Layer graphic.
Multiple Coordinate GraphDescribes how to program a Graph.
OverviewGives an overview of the programming facilities.
Perspective GraphDescribes how to program the 3D Graph graphic.
Perspective ScatterDescribes how to program the 3D Scatter graphic.
Perspective SurfaceDescribes how to program the 3D Point Map graphic (a.k.a.: Surface Graph).
Point MapDescribes how to program the 2D Point Map graphic (a.k.a.: Heat Map).
PluginDescribes how to write a plugin for optimized programming of a graphic.
PolygonDescribes how to program the Polygon graphic.
RectangleDescribes how to program the Rectangle graphic.
ScatterDescribes how to program the Scatter graphic.
Single Coordinate GraphDescribes how to program a Graph.
TrajectoryDescribes how to program the Trajectory graphic.

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