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You want the most powerful data visualization application ever made. Here are a few ways to get it:

  • Native desktop and tablet editions are available on the App Stores. These standalone editions keeps everything on your device and uses its full potential with concurrent processing and many other advanced features. See Graph IDE for details.

  • Login above to use it now. The incredible web app has the same interface as the native desktop and tablet editions. Available all the time from any computer using only your web browser (nothing to install). See Cloud Account for login details.

  • Do you have special security requirements? No problem. The web app server is self-contained and runs as a co-located server host. It is designed for zero maintenance operation, has its own load balancing and is self-monitoring. Accounts are administered remotely through the web app itself. If you desire more then let us know. The web app server is updated every few days and we can easily add the features you want into normal release cycles. Install is as easy as an unzip.

  • Use the tabs above for additional information, including beautifully detailed user manuals.

  • Not seeing what you want? Contact support@vvi.com and let us help you.

How Did The Web App Evolve?

Graph IDE is the product of decades of desktop, mobile and server development. In order to be exemplary it uses all the tricks from multi-core concurrent processing, retained compositing graphics mode, virtual machines and so much more - all running on your native device only. However, it has one deficiency: You need to install it. To overcome that deficiency the web app edition was invented for all operating systems and web browsers; it simply exists to tempt you to login and use it to your delight. It was born from decades of experience in distributed server systems and utilizes all the tricks from both the server world plus the local-compute world. Truly an ideal situation.

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