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Graph IDE CE

Graph IDE CE is the Cloud Enabled version of the powerful Graph IDE application. It is available free on the App Stores and can be downloaded now:

  • Mac App Store Edition : Click this link to install via the Mac App Store. The installation proceeds per the Mac App Store mechanism.

  • iPad/iPhone Edition : Click this link to install via the iTunes Store. The installation proceeds per the iTunes Store mechanism. If you are not on an iOS device then click this link: iPad/iPhone Edition.

  • Microsoft Store Edition : Click this link to install via the Microsoft Store. The installation proceeds per the Microsoft Store mechanism.

You must have a VVI Cloud Account to operate Graph IDE CE which can be purchased for as little as $2/month using the following PayPal button:

VVI Cloud Service

There are four levels of cloud account described as follows:

  • Basic: Gives access features of Graph IDE CE.

  • Standard: Includes the Basic feature plus saving Graph IDE CE documents to the cloud for retrieval on your other devices.

  • Preferred: Includes the Standard features plus one year of prepaid technical support.

  • Pro: Includes access to Strip Chart. For Graph IDE CE (the cloud enabled edition) also requires purchase of the Standard or greater plan.

Explanation of the cloud features, including login is detailed in the Graph IDE User Manual which also contains the cloud service agreement.

Upon purchase a username and password will be sent to the designated email address.

For questions email sales@vvi.com. For technical support please purchase a support contract:

Paid Support

Item Buy Description
Standard Support $195.00 Click this link to buy standard support. Includes one year of technical support and upgrades.
Other Support For other support plans call 814-441-0165 or email support@vvi.com.

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