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DAQ Plot depends on DAQ Hardware to acquire external signals. However, you can simulate many of the features of DAQ Plot without hardware by using a "Test Device" which is a simulated signal produced by software. To institute this feature use the following steps.

  1. Launch DAQ Plot.

  2. Click the  Tools  Change Styles ...  menu item and select the Pro style. That exposes many options including a Test device.

  3. Click Command-, or click the the  DAQ Plot  Preferences ...  menu item to bring forward the Preferences panel.

  4. In the Preferences panel, click the Main tab (the default) and then choose "Test" as the "Selected Device" To Use During Acquisition.

  5. Click the  Tools  Turn Acquisition On  menu item.

  6. Then, in the Preferences panel, click the "Test" tab and alter the parameters according to your needs. Notice that when you move the slider knobs the signals change. In this way, you can understand each parameter of the Test signals.

  7. When you are done testing and have hardware then reselect "Hardware" as the "Selected Device To Use During Acquisition".

Notice how the Test device implements a noise component to the signal. This is very valuable for determining average and fit parameters in the Derived processing. Once you start using derivatives and feedback loops then noise plays an important role in determining algorithm selections.

For additional information on the Test parameters see the Test section.

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