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This section describes how Graph IDE results can be vended to the Internet. It might not dawn on you at first but because Graph IDE documents are Programmable that means that when they are opened a program is executed. The Web Adapter works with the built-in Server to respond to a web browser by opening up a document, executing it and then translating that result to an image that the web browser can use. Thus without any additional effort, beyond correctly setting up a web server, Graph IDE can be used to vend dynamic, programmable and real-time results to the Internet.

The following lists some resources available for the web adapter. You may wish to skip the following table on first pass.

LinkDescription Of Resource compressed shared object library located on your disk within this manual. compressed shared object library located at the web site.
Vvidget™ Server Reference ManualThe Vvidget™ Server Reference Manual describes how to format query strings for input into the server.†
vvidget.comThe internet server is the same one incorporated into Graph IDE and you can use that site to vend results as well.†

The following assumes that you have the Apache web server running on the computer that is licensed for Graph IDE, the Graph IDE Server is set to on, Graph IDE is auto launched at login and your computer is set to login the user when it boots.

Download (using the links shown above), uncompress the download by double clicking it and then drag the result to the module directory of your web server.

If you configured the web server correctly and are viewing this manual on the computer running that web server then the following image should show a line graph.

Which is the imaged results of the following URL:

<img src="http://localhost/graph.pvs?
&line_color=000000" width=400 height=300 border=0>

The above image was generated on the fly without any additional Graph IDE document. If you make your own Graph IDE document and save it in your web server's document path (for example: /Library/WebServer/Documents) then it too can be imaged. For example, if you make a Graph IDE document named GnomeStudy with Graphic View width 400 and height 300 and save that document in the web server's document path then its display is accessible to anyone on the Internet using a URL like this:

<img src=",300&GnomeStudy">

where "" is the domain of your own server.

Notice that the Mac App Store Edition of Graph IDE is sandboxed so can only open documents for which it has permission. The Manufacturer Edition is not sandbox and can open documents in the web server documents directory. Because of the very large matrix of deployment conditions it is impossible to itemize all of the deployment issues within the limited scope of this manual. If you are using a sandboxed version then it might be possible to create a link from the web server document folder and the Server Document's access point (see Server) and store documents at that access folder so that the web adapter can image them. On the other hand, depending on the version of OS X you are using and the security settings that might not be possible. As usual, there are many site-specific caveats and security issues.

The server (also part of Peer Visual Server† and Vvidget Server†) is based on an enterprise class SOA server which can be configured and scaled to server farm multi-homed, multi-process, distributed, multi-threaded, multi-client asynchronous, state and stateless use, fallback and autorestart configurations, i.e.: the full works. The configuration built into Graph IDE can power a substantial web site service as well as be used for scripting purposes. The extensive options, configurations, use and reliability are beyond the scope of this manual. This manual is simply concerned with turning the server on and demonstrating its use. Other referenced manuals are more comprehensive.

† Sold and licensed separately.

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