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Graph IDEOverview ► Install

Graph IDE Web App:

The easiest installation procedure it to not install. Use Graph IDE now by logging into your VVI Cloud account here:

Using Graph IDE through all major web browsers and operating systems is great when your organization has strict installation requirements.

Graph IDE (Standalone):

If you have the latitude to install Graph IDE on your device then that is even better than the Web App edition. That is because Graph IDE can utilize all of your local processing power via its concurrent processing architecture. You may also have strict requirements to keep your data local to your own computer hence installing locally may be your only option.

The standalone edition does not require a login and all you data resides on your device, or optionally in the VVI Cloud.

Graph IDE Cloud Enabled (CE):

Requires login to the VVI Cloud service (see Login). Once logged in, it is used just like the standalone edition.

Cloud Service:

The Cloud Enabled (CE) versions of Graph IDE require login to the VVI Cloud service.

Developer Editions:

The developer editions are platform agnostic.

No matter which way the software is downloaded or installed, Graph IDE is governed by the End User License Agreement which supersedes all other agreements. For enterprise and site licensing please email If you intend an install from a custom application then please contact and consult the Redistribution Agreement. Redistribution requires a signed and valid purchase agreement.

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