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Graph IDE ► Overview

Below is a brief list of overview sections. If you are new to Graph IDE then you may want to start off by reading the Preamble.

AccountDescribes the Account, which is a way to save contents of a document to a cloud service (a server).
DocumentDescribes the Graph IDE document, which is the information Graph IDE stores and modifies on your hard disk.
Event QualifierDescribes a programmable hit-detection system built into Graph IDE.
GlossaryLists some basic words and definitions used in this manual.
Graphic SelectorThe Graphic Selector is used to define graphic type and control modes.
Graphic ViewThe Graphic View is where you draw graphics, including graphs.
HistoryHistory is used to record user input.
InstallExplains how to buy and install Graph IDE.
LayerGraphics that you make are stored and grouped in layers. This section describes how to use layers and where they appear in the Vvidget system.
Major ComponentsShows the major components of Graph IDE's user interface.
MoviesShows some movies of Graph IDE in action.
NavigatorThe Navigator shows the tree structure of the graphics on a document.
Open PluginDescribes how to load a plugin used for programming purposes.
PalettesPalettes contain pre-made graphics. This section explains how to use palettes and also how to make your own.
PagesThis section describes how to use pages.
PreambleGives the preamble explanation of Graph IDE.
Quick Look & SpotlightDescribes the Quick Look and Spotlight plugin service.
ServerDescribes the server built into Graph IDE.
Start OffA checklist of things to watch out for when you first use Graph IDE.
Status BarDescribes the status bar which is an area of a document window consisting of commonly used controls.

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