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Graph IDEOverview ► Preamble

Graph IDE is an interactive drawing tool specialized to the construction of information visualization. It enables a range of visualizations from classical graphs to generic graphics. Those graphics can be combined to form unique presentations. Graph IDE also provides access to hundreds of attributes, some of which are simple and some of which are complex or recursive. Because of the large scope, Graph IDE also provides many different types of entry points.

In just a few clicks of the mouse and some typing you can make graphs like this:

and art like this:

This manual is written as a combination of a reference guide and a user manual. As such, it defines the concepts of Graph IDE and also gives examples of real-world uses so that the reader can understand how all the features come together.

To learn about words used in this manual see Glossary. If you want to jump right in and learn about the central point of Graph IDE then see Introduction To Graphs or for a simple example graphic see Circle. The best bet would be to look at the Major Components of Graph IDE first.

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