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Graph IDEOverview ► Major Components

Below is a screen shot of Graph IDE's major components:

The Graphic View is where graphs, diagrams and other visuals are drawn. You can select and focus graphics on that view. The Inspector Editor is where you can edit attributes of the focused graphic. The Graphic Selector is used to select a graphic type to create. The Document helps manage the environment you are using and has options for including edit controls directly on its window.

So, a very common operation is to click a cell in the Graphic Selector to select the graphic type, then drag the mouse over the Graphic View to create an instance of that graphic type, and finally use the Inspector Editor to modify attributes of the newly created graphic. If you need to modify the attributes of an existing graphic then you would click the "Arrow" cell in the Graphic Selector (put it into select mode), move the cursor over the graphic to select (in the Graphic View) and mouse click once to select.

Subsequent chapters in this manual detail all the various ways to create and edit graphics. Because of the complexity of some graphics (such as multi-coordinate graphs) the edit options can be overwhelming at first, but you should be able to settle in pretty quickly. The next chapter I would recommend is the Graphic View.

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