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The script engine is a very powerful parsing facility that can parse, bind and execute source code similar to ANSI-C and Objective-C. It implements the usual ANSI-C functions and operators as well as syntax construction and binding to permit reference and execution of a function or method that can be looked up by the runtime system.

Because of the broad nature of the script engine only the most relevant features are described in this section. For additional information consult a reference on ANSI-C or Objective-C.




The common expressions are implemented such as:




The following script fragment gives an example.

[myFunction emptyData];

for(ii = 0; ii < 500; ii++)
xValue = 0.01 * ii + animationCount * 0.5;
yValue = cos(xValue);
[myFunction appendXValue:xValue yValue:yValue];

That makes a cosine curve (function) in the usual way. For specific scripts see each API code section, for example the Function section.

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