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A legend associates a color with a description for each data graphic such as a curve. For a graph with curves on it, a legend shows consecutive rows of a circle filled with the curve color and a label description to the right of that circle. The following figure shows a graph with a legend in the upper left of the graph's frame.

To make a legend follow these steps:

The Chart Tasks implements automatic legend generation and data is imported using a table. Consider that for more automated graph generation and then export the resulting graph to a Graph IDE document for fine tuning. See the Graph manual (accessible via the help menu) for further details.

Note that the same result can be attained by manually drawing Circle, Label and Rectangle graphics and that the Make Legend composite is simply a convenient way to make a legend. For graphs with one curve, it might be easier to simply make a legend yourself, but for a graph with many curves the automatic legend generation can save time.

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