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A group is a collection of graphics which have been collected together to form a new indivisible graphic called a group. The following figure shows some examples of groups.

Groups are convenient because they are indivisible which means you can work with all the graphics in a group at the same time. For example, when you grab a group off a palette instead of each graphic individually.

Some standard operations are itemized below.

Inspector Editor

The Inspector Editor for the group is shown below.

Menu Shortcuts

Menu shortcuts are common to all graphics and are described in the Graphics section.

Group Parameters

Graphics In Group : Shows the number of graphics in the group.

Does Autoresize Subgraphics : This should probably be left unselected. When selected, the resize algorithm will send a resize notice to each subgraphic, otherwise the group will simply apply a scaling factor to each component in the group.

Common Controls

Other controls common to all graphics are described in the Graphics section.

Transfer Subgraphics

Ungroup : Removes the group and places its subgraphics onto the layer of the group (makes each element operate individually) and selects those subgraphics. When this happens the focus is transferred to the selected graphics which are automatically the elements of the removed group. From there, those elements can be regrouped if needed.

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