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A data graphic is a graphic which is defined by points and has point-wise graphic representations. The following figures show examples of a data graphics in use.

The following is a brief list and definition of data graphics:

Bar And Column ChartA Bar And Column Chart is a sequence of rectangles whose length represent scalar values. The rectangle can also have an accompanying label.
FunctionA function is a sequence of points whose x-values increase with sequence index.
Pie ChartA Pie Chart is a sequence of circles whose wedge angles represent proportion of data. The wedge sections can also have an accompanying label.
Point MapA Point Map is a regular grid of z-values. The z-values are represented by color. Each point can also have an angle in which case the Point Map represents a vector field on a regular grid.
ScatterA scatter is a set of points either independent of each other, or relative to an origin which can be any point but can also be the mean of the data points.
SpreadsheetA spreadsheet is a table with textual cell entries that are stored with the table.
TrajectoryA trajectory is a sequence of points connected by curves, each two consecutive points defines the end point of a Cubic Bezier section so that there are also two spline knot points between the points to form the spline, but are not considered part of the data proper.

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