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The Data Selector is a control that shows and edits one piece of data, an example of which is shown below.

When a Spreadsheet is made active then all associated representations have a data selector. Selecting a component of a representation brings forward the data selector. The component is a wedge of a Pie Chart, bar in a Bar And Column Chart or point in a Function or Scatter representation.

Entering a new data value changes the selected component of the representation and also the associated value in the spreadsheet. Selecting the Insert button will insert the value right after the currently selected component. The data selector can be cancelled by selecting the Cancel button or selecting outside the data selector region.

The Data Selector is also a feature of the Chart Tasks.

It should be noted that the data selector can be a useful feature, but that there are more robust and efficient ways to navigate to and edit data. For example, the Function Data inspector editor gives direct access to all the data and selecting a point or segment on the function (curve) will scroll the data table to the corresponding row so the point-and-click feature of the data selector is found other ways as well. Even so, the data selector does have advantages. For example, the data layer of a graph does not have to be focused on to directly edit the point of a curve.

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