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A Pie Chart is a Group of Circles and Labels that is created using a Spreadsheet. The figure below shows a pie chart.

Each wedge section of the pie chart represents the portion of the data values (amplitudes) in the spreadsheet.

A pie chart can be constructed manually by creating circles and labels, aligning them appropriately and then grouping them. However, it is easier to use a Spreadsheet to create a pie chart.

When data in the spreadsheet is changed then the spreadsheet will also change the pie chart. If the spreadsheet that made the pie chart is deleted then the pie chart will still operate as a pie chart, but data derived properties such as the wedge angles will need to be adjusted manually. For that reason, the spreadsheet should probably not be deleted unless the pie chart data is static. If the pie chart is ungrouped then the pie chart feature is deleted.

The pie chart group subgraphics (elements) can not be altered directly but the Graphic Navigator can be used to select an element of the group and then that element's attributes can be modified. When the data in the spreadsheet is modified then the pie chart will be updated and the existing element attributes will be maintained.

Information Selector

When the Spreadsheet is made Active then all the associated graphics are also made active which means they will show the Information Selector when hovered over. An example is shown in the following figure.

Inspector Editor

The Inspector Editor for a pie chart is the Group inspector editor.

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