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The Inspector Editor for the parser is shown below.

Parsed Representation

The Parsed Representation area shows the representation. For Indigenous and Graphic type this area is a Graphic View from which the representation can be edited. This is a general purpose graphic edit view so all of the tools of Graph IDE are at your disposal while altering the representation. For other representation types it is a textual scrollview area which may be editable and applied back to the graphic.

Parsed Type

Use the pop up button on the lower left of the inspector to parse one of the following representations.

Indigenous : Shows an exact duplicate of the focused graphic. Because it is exact, the parsed representation may be outside the parser viewing region.

Graphic : Shows the graphical representation of the focused graphic. Because, as of yet, all focused elements are graphics the graphical representation is the same as the indigenous representation.

Data : Shows the textual encoding of the data of the graphic. The data is usually appropriate only for Data Graphics and is the point-wise data. This representation parses into a textual representation which can be edited and then applied. As such, it is an alternative to the table interface of the graphic's main data inspector.

PDF : Shows the textual PDF representation.

Definition : Shows the Dictionary representation. A dictionary is a key value encoding of the graphic. If you know how, it can be altered directly and then applied (not recommended).


Some parsed representation operate symmetrically. That is, the graphic can be parsed into a representation and that representation can be parsed back into the graphic. When that is the case the Apply button is enabled, otherwise it is disabled.

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