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An Inspector Editor is a special type of control that resides in its own location called the Inspector. The Inspector Editor provides an interface between the user (you) and a Vvidget (usually a graphic). That interface is a collection of various controls which alter parameters of the Vvidget one at a time.

The Inspector Editor editor is shown in a separate window called an Inspector Window. However, it can also show up in Graph IDE in many forms, including as control elements on the Graph IDE Document.

Each Basic Graphics, Graphs, Data Graphics and 3D Data Graphics has their own unique inspector editor. This inspector editor section deals with inspector editors that are common to those other sections. The following is a brief list of those common inspector editors:

AlignmentThe alignment inspector editor is used to align a set of graphics, namely for the Group graphic.
ArrangerThe arranger inspector editor is used to arrange a set of graphics, for example the Pie Chart graphic.
AnimationUsed to set animation properties which includes the animation period and animation on or off state.
CapsA caps inspector editor is used to add end caps to the Curve graphic.
DictionaryA dictionary inspector editor gives access to the surrogate dictionaries.
EffectsMost graphics implement extended graphical attributes which are controlled by the effects editor.
ExpertAn expert inspector editor is used to modify expert settings such as resize parameters and particular dictionary entries (names).
GraphicsAll graphics, including Basic Graphics and Data Graphics, have a graphics inspector editor that control that graphic's graphical attributes.
LayerAn layer inspector editor is used to modify selections of graphics.
MagnifierDescribes the magnifier editor and functions.
MetadataDescribes the metadata editor. Metadata is utilized by Spotlight and other search facilities.
NetworkA network inspector editor is used to define relationships between graphics.
OverviewGives an overview of the inspector and inspector editors.
ParserA parser shows different representations of graphics and is primarily for programming concerns.
Point TagsA point tag inspector editor is used to denote points for Data Graphics and consists of a marker and a label at each point of the data graphic.
ProgramThe Program inspector editor is used to enter source code and execute or apply that source code.
PrototypeGives an overview of the prototype inspector editors.

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