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A document stores all the graphics you make on the Graphic View. It separates out overlays and pages to efficiently store and retrieve pieces of the document state.

The document window is the main user interface to the document. A document window always has a Graphic View and can have no controls or a comprehensive set of controls as shown in the figure below. The graphics you build show in the Graphic View whereas the attributes of those graphics, and settings for using those graphics, show in the controls of the Document Window.

Note: This section is mostly applicable to the Mac version as the iPad, iPhone and Windows version only has the "Scroll View With Everything" document window.

When you first launch Graph IDE, it presents the default document. You can change that default document and then save it to the file ~/Documents/Vvidget/Standard/default.vvibook. Then select the Graph IDEToolsAuthorize FolderStandard Documents... menu item and select the ~/Documents/Vvidget/Standard (it should already be pre-selected) folder from the Open panel. Once that is done, Graph IDE will use your newly made default.vvibook document as the default document.

A document can have several different appearances which can be altered using the Graph IDEToolsWindow Type menu as defined in the following table.

Window TypeDescription
Scroll View With EverythingThis is the most comprehensive document presentation. It includes a Graphic View in a scrollview and onboard Graphic Selector, Navigator, Inspector Editor, Status Bar and other controls. This is the document type used for single-window platforms such as the iPad, iPhone and Windows desktops.
Scroll View With ToolsHas a few simple controls and a Graphic Selector.
Scroll ViewHas a Graphic View in a scroll view and some very simple controls.
Simple ControlsHas a resizable Graphic View and simple controls.
Simple ResizeHas a resizable Graphic View and no controls. This is the window type you want to set when making a palette.
Fixed SizeHas a fixed-size Graphic View and no controls. This is the window type used for palettes. If you do not set the document to this type then it will be set to this type when the document is used as a palette.

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