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The alignment inspector editor is used to align elements of the Group graphic. Tables are a type of group and the alignment is used for tables as well. Alignment means to consider each graphic in a set as elements of a regular grid and to place those elements within the cells of the regular grid. When there are less graphics than cells then the graphics may be duplicated to fill in the table or matrix. If there are too many graphics then the graphics may be deleted to fulfill the requirements of the number of cells.

The alignment editor is in general a Arranger. When the group has special meaning then the alignment editor is substituted by a domain-specific alignment editor such as the Pie Chart and Bar Chart.

This section annotates the alignment inspector editor as follows.


Alignment Type : One of None, Matrix or Table. Matrix aligns to uniform cells while Table aligns to cells that are uniform in the x-direction and then the y-direction independently. The Table type is the mechanisms by which Tables align their cells.


Number Of Rows : The number of rows in the matrix or table of cells.

Number Of Columns : The number of columns in the matrix or table of cells.

Cell Metrics

Inner Cell Padding : The space between the graphic of the cell and the cell borders.

Outer Cell Gap : The space between adjacent cells.

Cell Duplication Property

Fillin Type : Determines the way cells in the table or matrix are duplicated. None means to leave cells empty, X-Direction means to duplicate cells to fillin new columns, Y-Direction means to duplicate cells to fillin new rows, and Both means to fill in all cells. Cells are duplicated from the graphic of the last cell in the matrix or table.

Perform Alignment

Apply : Attributes of the alignment specified above must be explicitly applied to take effect. Selecting the Apply button will perform the alignment and if needed duplicate cells.

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