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Graph IDE is a powerful application rich in graphic editing, creation and programming facilities. It is but one class of data visualization application. A different and very important class of data visualization application is one that presents data and contains only simple controls such as those that alter parameters for a process or model. For argument sake, lets call the later class a custom application. This section describes how to efficiently make a custom application by leveraging existing Graph IDE assets. The basic steps are as follows:

This represents the pinnacle of Graph IDE's evolution where Graph IDE becomes more of a visual IDE (Interactive Development Environment) for the creation of data visualization applications rather than a data visualization documentation creation application. Either way, the emphases is on empowering the author of either a data visualization document or a data visualization custom application.

The following is a brief list of Custom Application sections. Although the list is brief, the capabilities for custom application development are extensive.

Container ViewDescribes how to load a Graphic View into a custom application without programming.
ControllerDescribes the controller method that is used to register graphic states.
DistributionDescribes what is needed to distribute applications to other people.
DocumentDescribes how to work with a Graph IDE document and how to load its Graphic View into a custom application.
Event QualifierDescribes the event qualifier (hit detection) programming API.
GraphStringsDescribes the GraphStrings custom application, which shows how to implement callback methods to alter graph labels.
HandsOffDescribes the HandsOff custom application, which is a OS X (Mac) application.
HitButtonDescribes the HitButton custom application, which is a OS X (Mac) application that exhibits hit-detection behaviors.
SineTableDescribes the SineTable custom application, which is a OS X (Mac) application.
SineWaveDescribes the SineWave custom application, which is a OS X (Mac) application.
SwiftSineWaveDescribes the SwiftSineWave custom application, which is virtually the same as the SineWave project except written with a Swift programming language component.
SurfaceDescribes the Surface custom application, which is a OS X (Mac) application.

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