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Below are answers to commonly asked questions about Graph IDE. If you have a question please mail

Question: How do I install Graph IDE?

See the Install section.

Question: How do I program (automate) graph generation?

Those manuals are available on the Internet by clicking the links given above, or through the Help menu.

Question: I want to plot data, but don't seem to find a way to do it. How do I plot data?

Question: Can I plot right from data without the graphic operations?

Question: Graph IDE no longer recognizes the "book" documents it made. What do I do?

Starting with version 10.8.1, the book document extension changed. You must use the following manual way to alter documents made with prior versions of Graph IDE:

Launch the Terminal application.

cd to the directory that your book documents are in (perhaps your home directory) and then issue the following three commands:

find . -name "*.book" -prune -exec sh -c 'mv "$1" "${}.vvibook"' _ {} \;

find . -type f -name "*.book" -exec sh -c 'mv "$1" "${}.vvibook"' _ {} \;

find . -type f -name "*.definition" -exec sh -c 'mv "$1" "${1%.definition}.vvidefinition"' _ {} \;

Those commands rename the book extensions, including internal files of the document, to conform to the new extension convention. This is a required change due to the expansive namespace of document URIs introduced in the Mountain Lion system. It is also required due to a lack of URI related handles in file extended attributes as well as other technical reasons. Instead of dealing with a multitude of name clashing, it was determined that a fresh start with more specific naming conventions would be better.

The above lines will batch convert all documents enclosed in the folder the commands are issued in, including any subfolders so it should be comprehensive. Note that if you have files with extension book that are other than Graph IDE documents then you need to take care not to alter those documents as the commands above indiscriminately alter all book documents, even those made by other applications. Email if you need help with this issue.

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