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Graph IDEInspector Editors ► Overview

All graphics have a main inspector editor that control that graphic's main attributes. Those main inspector editors are described in other sections such as the Basic Graphics and Data Graphics sections.

Sections in this chapter detail sub-editors of the main editor. Those sub-editors are typically common to many main inspector editors. The following annotates the Polygon's Main Inspector Editor.

The control to the subeditors is a Menu Selector. Shown below is the main menu selector for the Polygon.

Main Inspector Editor

Polygon : The menu item to the Polygon main inspector editor. The main inspector editor is always listed as the first element of the menu. The subsequent elements are subeditors.

Sub-Editors Of The Main Inspector Editor

Program : The menu item to the Program inspector subeditor.

Effects : The menu item to the Effects inspector subeditor.

Network : The menu item to the Network inspector subeditor.

Expert : The menu item to the Expert inspector subeditor.

Parser : The menu item to the Parser inspector subeditor.

Dictionary : The menu item to the Dictionary inspector subeditor.

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