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Graph IDE™ User Manual

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— July 5, 2022 —
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Graph IDE is the powerful data visualization application for Mac, iPad, iPhone and any web browser. It is rich in graphic creation, editing and programming to facilitate the visualization of information. To install Graph IDE on your device see: Install or login right now, without installing anything, using the following fields:

To obtain an account see: Cloud Account.

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Graph IDE is very easy to use. That is because abstract concepts are recast into a uniform way of dealing with data. The Movies are an excellent way to see that abstraction in action thus instantiating the concepts of Graph IDE and making its features immediately accessible.

Graph IDE includes a large collection of Basic, Graph, 2D Data Graphic and 3D Data Graphic drawing objects that can be created via premade and custom Palettes, Chart Tasks, Direct Tool Creation Modes, several specialized interfaces in the Laboratory and many other ways. Graphs, data and graphics can be programmed, see the Programming section. To start understanding Graph IDE see Preamble.

If you wish to proceed to classical usage then first consult the Spreadsheet section to enter data and make a graph. Spreadsheets are powerful and are typically the main feature of a data analysis application but are only a fraction of possibilities incorporated within Graph IDE.

Graph IDE, and the underlying codebase, is the result of three decades of development and work in the area of data visualization. Even so, it is only the "tip of the iceberg". To broaden its applicability it also implements rapid development of other classes of data visualization applications. See Custom Application for additional information.

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